If you are experiencing slow flow from your top or “alkaline” spout on your UCE but the bottom “drain” spout is as fast or faster than normal then the following guide will help you determine the cause and how to correct it.

Slow top spout or “alkaline” flow is generally caused by one of three problems.  Please check them in this order.

1.)  Your Acidic an Alkaline hoses to the tower from the ionizer could be reversed.  Please run the machine on Turbo for 1 minute and then take a pH test from the top spout.  If it's purple or blue your hoses are NOT reversed but if it's orange or red they ARE reversed.  If they are reversed simply remove the hoses from the Alkaline and Drain ports on the ionizer and put them back in the opposite position.  Then repeat the pH test.

2.)  You could have a kink in your Alkaline hose.  Follow white hose from the ionizer to the tower.  Look for any kinks.  This hose connects to either another white hose or a clear hose coming from the tower.  If it's a clear hose this is a much softer maternal and is much easier to kink than the white or orange hose.

3.)  Your chamber and/or tower could be partly clogged.  Disconnect the Alkaline hose from the tower.  There is a junction about 4 to 10 inches below the tower  (press the ring in to pull the hose out of the junction)  Run that hose into the sink (or a bucket if it won’t reach) and run H2O.  If the water comes out at full speed then you have a clog in your tower (see #1 below).  If the water is still just as slow then the chamber is probably clogged (see #2 below).

  1. Get White Vinegar and a turkey baster.  Disconnect the Alk line from the tower under the sink and remove the top spout from the tower.  Using the turkey Baster Fill the top spout hole with vinegar until it starts coming out the disconnected hose.  Then reconnect the hose and top off with vinegar.  Also submerge the disconnected Alkaline spout in vinegar.  Let both sit overnight.  This should clear the clog.

  2. Get and use a Citric acid cleaning cartridge.  https://www.tyentusa.com/replacement-filters/cleaning-cartridges/uce-under-counter-extreme-ionizer-cleaning-cartridge.html 

    • Steps for cleaning: 

      • Install the cleaning cartridge in the place of filter 2.  

      • Run on H2O for 5 Min.  

      • Let sit for 3 hours.  

      • Repeat steps b  & c three more times.  

      • Put filter 2 back in it’s place.  

      • Flush for 5 min.  Your flow should be restored.