When you see the water from the Top Spout of the Ionizer slowing down and the bottom spout speeding up this is an indication you have calcium buildup on the alkaline side of chamber. Also, if your PH starts to decline and you see a white deposit at the end of the production spout. A Cleaning Cartrdige should be used at laest once a year for proper maintenance. Below are the directions for the Cleaning Cartridge which comes on the label of the Cartridge. 

             Cleaning Cartridge Cleaning Procedure for All Tyent Water Ionizers

  • Remove Ceramic Filter (green label) 2nd filter to right.
  • Install Cleaning Cartridge Filter in place of Ceramic filter.(Filter 2)(UF)
  • Adjust water flow to full pressure, cold water.
  • Run unit on the H2O cycle only for a period of 5 minutes.
  • Let stand for 3 hours. 
  • Remove Cleaning Cartridge Filter and install Ceramic filter.
  • Run H2O cycle for a period of 5 minutes, cold water, full pressure.
  • Check pH levels of machine. Flow rate and pH levels should return to normal after cleaning. If not repeat steps 1-7. (MAX 4 repeats).

  • Note:  When cleaning machine with Cleaning Cartridge, be sure to always use the H2O purified water level only, do not use any other level while cleaning or damage could occur.

  • Note: You can not save a Cleaning Cartridge for future use, it is only good for 1 Cleaning. (Up to 4 (5-min runs). 

  • Note:  If unit does not perform as normal after cleaning, contact service center. (1-855-893-6887)